Our Process

At First Pier, we don’t have clients - we have partners. We do more than pay lip service to the notion of partnership, we depend on it.


Get to Know You


Who you are, history, short and long terms goals, what you want and what you need. Every relationship starts trying to understand your business, your sticking points, and your goals. We work to understand who you are and what your business goals are first, learning everything we can before starting to offer solutions. We can’t set a strategy before we first understand who you are and what you want to achieve. This sets the foundation for everything we do - together. When your goals change, so do ours.


Relationship Status


Are we a good fit? Will we work well as a team and can we realistically help you achieve your goals? We make a plan for the future together, making sure it benefits everyone. We learn how your business operates and you learn about ours. You want a website? Okay. But what are your business goals for the next one, two, ten years? Will a website help you achieve those goals? Maybe. We’re here to help you figure that out, identify what WILL help you hit the mark, and then get to work. Don’t know what your business goals are? We can help with that too.


It’s Official


We get it. We understand where we want to go - together - and how we can best get there. The smartest, most efficient, most cost-effective way possible. We create efficiencies for your business, finding ways to get more done in less time with as little impact to your business as possible. We collaborate to set priorities, outline projects, and we deliver. On schedule, on spec. 

Contact Us

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