Two Fat Cats

Portland Bakery Two Fat Cats came to us with strong name recognition and fantastic product, but a brand that needed some updates. The old branding didn't represent the quality of the bakery. First Pier worked to modernize and simplify both the text and cat illustration in the current logo. The new logo needed to stay true to Two Fat Cats’ classic, comforting, homemade feel, while also being relevant and unique. It’s important to them that their branding doesn’t feel too trendy or pretentious; their main goal is to honor and pay tribute to all the New England women who have been baking these classic pastries for decades. First Pier worked hard to bring this sense of classic home-style baking to the fore; and presented the brand with a new logo, brand new patterns, new type, and a forward-facing photography approach.

Client: Two Fat Cats

Date: December 2016

launch project

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