Whitten Architects

Over the last several months, we collaborated with the talented folks at Whitten Architects in Portland on their website re-design, which launched recently. Our goal was to highlight their incredible work, by focusing on large full-screen images and creating an integrated marketing platform for their work going forward.

There are a lot of pieces to this site. Whitten has a lot of information to display online, and it needed to be organized in such a way that it didn't look cluttered. In the design phase, we worked through a lot of items that could have become issues later on. We were able to well-define the data structure and site layout, which simplified the build process. Due to our structured process, very rarely did we ever go 'back' a step. While there were a few changes (and there always are), these were all relatively minor and nothing involved scrapping large pieces of work.

Client: Whitten Architects

Services: Website Design, Website Development

Date: October 2013

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