Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform that exists exclusively for the betterment of online business. It uses data-driven insights, impressive automation, and real-life strategy to create email solutions that convert like a dream. In a nutshell: it allows us to help businesses say the right things to the right people at the best time, turning potential customers into real ones. It also just so happens to be our preferred platform, and one we know like the back of our hands.

With all email marketing, the goal is to reach your audience and ideally see results from the emails you send them. Many platforms offer the first step but come up short when it comes to offering additional strategic solutions.

Klaviyo goes beyond just emailing customers and tracking clicks. It offers fast and thoughtful integrations, laser-focused segmentation (you want them, you got them), built-in ecommerce workflows, dynamic personalization (not just Sally’s name, but the socks she likes, too), and well, a lot more. Klaviyo reporting takes stock of not only what’s important, but what’s most important, prioritizing the data that will fast-track brand loyalty and recurring revenue. The meticulous segmentation we mentioned earlier allows you to reach the browsing shoppers, speak their language, and turn them into customers. We can also set up abandoned-cart messages, target through ads on Facebook, and use these audiences for campaigns on other platforms.

All this to say, Klaviyo is the real-deal and enables our team to provide business owners with the creative direction they need in order to take the best next steps for their brand. We are proud to work with a platform that helps our clients strategically and efficiently grow their ecommerce business while building big-picture brand awareness and turning numbers and emails into lifelong customers.