Ecommerce Design Trends 2023

Ecommerce Design Trends 2023

Web trends come and go—from the Swiss styles of the early aughts to the under-construction GIFs of yore—but 2023 is bold, simple, and pretty classy. One of the best design trends we've seen in the past couple of years is the increase in font sizes, thank goodness. Nothing changes that quickly when it comes to online design trends, but here's what's hot right now.

Background Colors That Match Product Colors

One trend we’re seeing a lot of lately is background colors that match product colors. Used as a hover on a homepage, or as a background on a product detail page (PDP), this is a great way to make otherwise plain product photography or PDP pages more immersive. We love how Stumptown and Farrow & Ball have implemented this on their sites.

Comparison Charts

Comparison charts are all the rage these days, and we love the way they help customers make informed purchasing decisions by comparing products easily. By displaying features and pricing information side by side, customers can quickly compare and choose the product that best suits their needs. Below are examples from brands Quince and Feals.

Large Type & Images

Sometimes bigger is better. We’re seeing an emergence of large typefaces and images on ecomm sites–a surefire way to make a bold statement and grab your customers’ attention. Note how Care/Of uses large, bold typography and images to convey their messaging and make an impact.

Animated Elements

Animated product images, reveals, and demos are another trend gaining popularity in ecomm design. Animation helps customers visualize the product and its features better. Poppi and Nestig are two examples–eye-catching, engaging, and memorable. 


We’re noticing a movement toward more rounded and curved frames and buttons in ecommerce design. Rounded corners add a softness to the design and can create a more organic feel. Check out the ways our client Hyperlite Mountain Gear and Warby Parker do it.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Video on Product Pages

Incorporating videos into product pages is another tool that helps customers visualize the product in action and gives them a better understanding of its features. Patagonia uses video to provide a more immersive look at products.

Personalized Experiences

Personalized experiences on ecomm sites are everywhere now. Whether we’re talking quizzes, product builders–even building the customer's name into the site–these customized interactions go a long way in creating a more personalized experience for customers. Hers is just one example–note the free assessment right on the home page.

Cart Drawers

Call it a trend, call it a feature: cart drawers are another thing we’re noticing a lot of these days. They allow customers to quickly and easily access their shopping cart without navigating away from the product page. This helps to reduce friction and improve the overall shopping experience. Check our client Wyman's below. When you add an item to your cart, a cart drawer slides out from the right side of the screen displaying the contents of your cart and allowing you to either continue shopping or proceed to checkout. This allows for a seamless shopping experience, as the user can easily access and modify their cart without being taken to a separate page. Plus it's a great way to put an up-sell or an add-on.

No design web design trend is timeless - but whether it's big texts or nice round edge's - we're here for what's on trend in 2023.

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