September Update From First Pier

September Update From First Pier

Woo boy, we’ve been busy, but wanted to take a moment to celebrate the launch of two recently completed projects: a rebrand of Spaces by Nicki Bongiorno and a freshly migrated website for Lamey Wellehan. 

Nicki Bongiorno came to us in 2019 to overhaul the brand and identity of both her shop and interior design business and completely reimagine the web experience for both. She had recently moved her shop to a new location and wanted an updated brand and web presence. We worked to unite her two brands into one cohesive identity, including a redesigned logo, color palette, typography, and pattern that spoke to her offering of thoughtfully curated contemporary home decor.

When redesigning her ecommerce site, we faced two big challenges: how to best balance the two sides of her business to highlight both her interior design work and her online store, and how to categorize her deep inventory. We built an easy-to-update project gallery to show off design projects, bolstered by a matching press section, and then opted for broad categories with plenty of filtering as a way to accommodate the shop’s unique and extensive catalog. We’re really happy with how it came out.

A few months ago, respected Maine footwear retailer Lamey Wellehan came to us in a bit of a bind: contracts were ending and platforms were changing and they needed to make a jump to a modern ecommerce platform, and fast. We put on our boots and got to work, navigating unique challenges presented by legacy systems and challenging integration requirements. In the space of two months we had a website that mirrored their old one in terms of functionality with updates to layout and design elements and brand new systems for just about every aspect of the web business. We’re thrilled to have had a part in this project and to now be working with Lamey Wellehan to further their digital dreams.

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