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The Best Shopify Plus Certified Apps for Growing Businesses

Ecommerce Growth

The Best Shopify Plus Certified Apps for Growing Businesses


If you're exploring Shopify Plus apps to expand your business, you're in the right place. Shopify Plus is a powerhouse for high-volume merchants seeking to streamline, optimize, and scale their online stores efficiently. Certified apps on Shopify Plus are selectively vetted to ensure they meet high standards of performance, integration, and usability, which is crucial for growing businesses aiming to enhance their e-commerce operations.

Shopify Plus sets a high bar with a 100-checkpoint review process, making sure that every Certified App not only satisfies fundamental needs but excels in delivering exceptional value and advanced features. This rigorous vetting process means that when you choose a Certified App, you're integrating tools that are designed to handle the complexities of a scaling enterprise smoothly.

These apps cover a wide range of functionalities—including email and SMS marketing, optimized shipping solutions, data-driven customer insights, and more—ensuring that every aspect of your e-commerce business can be enhanced to compete effectively in a demanding market.

Detailed infographic showing the range of functionalities offered by Shopify Plus Certified Apps, including categories like Email Marketing, Shipping Solutions, Data Analytics, and Customer Retention Tools - shopify plus apps infographic pyramid-hierarchy-5-steps

As we dive deeper into this guide, we’ll explore why these apps are essential for scaling your e-commerce business, highlight some top choices across various categories, and provide insights on optimizing your store to leverage the full potential of Shopify Plus. Stay tuned to ensure your business isn’t just growing, but thriving with the support of the best tools in the industry.

Why Shopify Plus Apps are Essential for Scaling Your E-commerce Business

As your business grows, the complexity of managing it increases. This is where Shopify Plus apps come into play, offering solutions that help you manage this complexity and scale efficiently. Let's break down why these apps are crucial for your e-commerce business in terms of customization, efficiency, scalability, and integration.


Every business has unique needs. Shopify Plus apps provide the customization necessary to tailor your online store to meet these specific requirements. For instance, apps like Shogun allow you to design custom landing pages that align with your brand, without needing to know how to code. This level of customization helps create a unique shopping experience that can set your store apart from competitors.


Efficiency is key in managing a growing business. Shopify Plus apps streamline various business processes, making operations smoother and more efficient. For example, Gorgias integrates customer service channels into one platform, significantly reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction. Efficient processes mean you can do more with less, saving time and resources.


As you scale, your store needs to handle increased traffic and orders without compromising performance. Shopify Plus apps like Extensiv Order Manager help manage inventory and order fulfillment across multiple channels, ensuring that your backend operations can scale up seamlessly with your business growth.


No tool is an island, and in the digital age, integration is crucial. Shopify Plus apps excel in how they integrate with other tools and platforms, providing a cohesive ecosystem for your business. For instance, Klaviyo integrates with Shopify to use customer data for personalized email marketing campaigns, enhancing your ability to connect with customers on a personal level.

By leveraging Shopify Plus apps, you not only streamline your operations but also ensure that your business is equipped to handle growth without losing the quality of customer service or operational efficiency. These apps are not just tools; they are essential partners in your journey to scale your e-commerce business. We'll delve into specific apps that enhance your store's functionality and how they contribute to a robust e-commerce strategy. Stay with us as we explore how to optimize your store with these powerful tools.

Top Shopify Plus Certified Apps for Enhancing Your Store's Functionality

Enhancing your store's functionality is crucial as you scale up. Shopify Plus apps are designed to integrate seamlessly with your operations, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here are top certified apps across various categories that are essential for taking your e-commerce store to the next level.

Email & SMS Marketing: Klaviyo, SMSBump

Email and SMS marketing are powerful tools to reach customers directly. Klaviyo is a standout for its deep integration with Shopify, allowing you to send personalized email campaigns based on customer behavior and purchase history. It's known for its robust analytics, which help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

SMSBump is another excellent choice, particularly for SMS marketing. It offers features like automated messages and campaign optimization, ensuring that your SMS marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

Product Reviews & UGC: YotPo, Loox

User-generated content (UGC) and product reviews are vital for building trust and enhancing SEO. YotPo excels in collecting user reviews and integrating them into your marketing channels. It also helps in boosting conversions by showcasing customer testimonials prominently.

Loox is another great app for leveraging visual reviews. It encourages customers to upload photos with their reviews, enhancing authenticity and engagement on your product pages.

Inventory & Order Management: Extensiv Order Manager

As your inventory grows, managing it can become a daunting task. Extensiv Order Manager simplifies this by offering robust tools for inventory tracking, order management, and data analytics. This app helps ensure that your stock levels are adequate, orders are fulfilled promptly, and inventory data is always accurate.

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing: Refersion

Affiliate and influencer marketing can significantly amplify your brand's reach. Refersion is designed to manage and track affiliate and influencer campaigns effortlessly. It automates commission payouts and provides detailed reports on campaign performance, making it easier to optimize your marketing strategies.

Customer Support & Live Chat: Gorgias

Excellent customer support is a cornerstone of e-commerce success. Gorgias is a top choice for Shopify Plus stores, offering a unified platform for all customer interactions, including emails, chats, and social media messages. It integrates deeply with Shopify, allowing you to access order details and customer data, streamline support workflows, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

By integrating these Shopify Plus apps into your store, you not only enhance its functionality but also improve overall user experience, streamline operations, and boost sales. Each app brings unique benefits that are crucial for e-commerce success in a competitive digital marketplace. We'll look into how these apps can specifically optimize your store's conversion rates and marketing efforts.

Optimizing Your Store with Shopify Plus Certified Apps

Optimizing your Shopify store is crucial for staying competitive and maximizing your sales. With the right Shopify Plus apps, you can enhance every aspect of your e-commerce strategy. Let's dive into how specific apps can help optimize your store for better performance.

Conversion Optimization: Justuno, Bold Upsell

Justuno uses artificial intelligence to create smart lead captures and personalized website content. It features technology like exit-intent popups, which help reduce cart abandonment by catching users' attention before they leave your site. This app is great for businesses looking to increase their conversion rates through tailored messaging and automated triggers.

Bold Upsell allows you to offer related products or upgrades during the checkout process. This app helps you increase average order value by suggesting additional items or upgrades based on what the customer already has in their cart. It's a straightforward way to boost sales without requiring additional marketing efforts.

Behavioral Marketing & Retargeting: Hotjar, Shoelace

Hotjar provides valuable insights into how users interact with your site. By using tools like heatmaps and session recordings, you can see exactly where users click, scroll, and leave. This information is crucial for understanding user behavior and making informed decisions about site layout and design.

Shoelace specializes in retargeting customers who didn't make a purchase on their first visit. By displaying personalized ads that feature previously viewed products, Shoelace helps bring these potential customers back to your site. This app significantly increases the likelihood of converting past visitors into buyers.

Shipping & Fulfillment Solutions

Efficient shipping and fulfillment are key to customer satisfaction. Integrating apps that streamline these processes can reduce costs and improve delivery times. For instance, using automated shipping solutions allows you to quickly find the cheapest shipping options or print shipping labels in bulk, saving you both time and money. Although specific apps are not mentioned, any app that simplifies logistics and integrates with your existing systems can be a valuable asset.

Loyalty & Rewards Programs: Swell, LoyaltyLion

Swell helps you create a customized loyalty program that rewards customers for various actions like making purchases, referring friends, or engaging on social media. This app not only enhances customer retention but also turns your customers into brand advocates.

LoyaltyLion is another powerful tool for building loyalty programs. It offers points, rewards, and VIP tiers, making it easy to incentivize repeat purchases and foster long-term relationships with your customers. Both of these apps are essential for maintaining a strong connection with your audience and encouraging ongoing engagement.

By leveraging these Shopify Plus apps, you can significantly enhance your store's functionality and efficiency. Each app addresses different aspects of the e-commerce experience, from improving conversion rates to building lasting customer relationships. We'll explore how these tools can be used not just for optimization, but also to drive marketing success and increase traffic to your store.

Leveraging Shopify Plus Apps for Marketing Success

In e-commerce, finding the right tools to drive marketing success is crucial. Shopify Plus apps are specifically designed to help businesses scale by improving traffic flow, building stronger customer relationships, and maximizing sales opportunities.

Driving Traffic: Criteo, Octane AI

Getting traffic to your Shopify store is the first step in converting browsers into buyers. Criteo is a powerful tool for this purpose. It uses machine learning to deliver targeted ads across various platforms, including social media and other content sites. With a reported 13x return on ad spend, Criteo helps keep your brand in the minds of potential customers even after they've left your site.

Octane AI, on the other hand, enhances the shopping experience directly on your site by using chatbots to engage customers in real-time. These bots can guide users through the buying process, recommend products, and provide instant customer service, making the shopping experience smoother and more personalized.

Building Customer Relationships: Email Marketing, SMS Automation

To turn one-time buyers into repeat customers, maintaining strong relationships is key. Email marketing and SMS automation apps like Klaviyo offer a suite of tools to personalize your communications. Klaviyo allows you to segment your audience and send targeted messages based on customer behavior and transaction history. This personal touch can significantly boost customer loyalty and retention.

SMS marketing is another effective channel, particularly for timely promotions and updates. Apps like SMSBump integrate seamlessly with Shopify Plus, enabling you to send out bulk SMS messages with offers that can drive immediate traffic and sales.

Maximizing Sales Opportunities: Upsell & Cross-Sell Funnels, Product Feed Management

Once you have traffic and have started to build relationships, the next step is maximizing sales opportunities. Bold Upsell and similar apps allow you to create intelligent upsell and cross-sell funnels directly within your Shopify store. These apps analyze what customers are looking at or have in their carts and suggest additional products that complement their purchase, increasing the average order value.

For businesses that list products across multiple channels, product feed management tools are essential. These apps ensure that your product listings are up-to-date and optimized across all platforms, from Google Shopping to Facebook Marketplace, making sure that your products get in front of as many potential customers as possible.

By integrating these Shopify Plus apps into your marketing strategy, you can not only increase traffic to your store but also enhance customer engagement and maximize revenue opportunities. Each tool offers unique benefits that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business as it grows.

We'll address some common questions about Shopify Plus apps to help you better understand how they can fit into your overall e-commerce strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shopify Plus Apps

What is the Shopify Plus Certified App Program?

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program is a selective framework designed to recognize apps that meet the high standards required by Shopify Plus merchants. These apps undergo a rigorous 100-checkpoint review to ensure they provide exceptional quality, service, and performance. Once certified, these apps are listed in both the Shopify App Store and a dedicated Shopify Plus Partner Directory, making them easily accessible to Shopify Plus merchants globally.

How Can Shopify Plus Apps Improve My E-commerce Strategy?

Shopify Plus apps can dramatically enhance your e-commerce strategy by streamlining operations, automating key processes, and providing deep integrations. For instance:

  • Automation: Apps like Shopify Flow allow you to automate inventory management, customer segmentation, and even marketing tasks, freeing up time to focus on growth.
  • Customization: With apps such as Shogun, you can customize your store’s layout and functionality without needing extensive coding knowledge.
  • Insights and Analytics: Tools like Glew provide valuable insights into your sales patterns, customer behavior, and marketing effectiveness, helping you make data-driven decisions.

By leveraging these apps, you can improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and ultimately drive more sales.

Which Shopify Plus Apps are Essential for New Stores?

For new Shopify Plus merchants, starting with the right set of apps is crucial for setting a strong foundation. Essential Shopify Plus apps include:

  • Email & SMS Marketing: Apps like Klaviyo and SMSBump help you engage with your customers through personalized messaging and campaigns.
  • Customer Support & Live Chat: Gorgias offers a comprehensive solution for customer service, integrating various communication channels into a single platform.
  • Product Reviews & UGC: YotPo and Loox allow you to collect and display customer reviews and user-generated content, which can boost trust and conversion rates.

These apps not only help in managing the day-to-day operations but also in building long-term relationships with your customers, which is vital for new and growing stores.

By understanding the role of these apps in your Shopify Plus environment, you can better plan your growth strategy and ensure a smoother operational flow. As you move forward, consider how each app can address specific needs within your business, contributing to a more robust and scalable e-commerce ecosystem.


At First Pier, we specialize in transforming Shopify Plus into a powerhouse for your e-commerce venture. Our deep understanding of Shopify development and optimization ensures that your online business not only meets but exceeds the expectations of today's demanding digital marketplace.

Shopify Plus apps are integral tools in our arsenal. These apps extend the functionality of Shopify Plus, turning it into a highly customizable and scalable platform that grows with your business. From streamlining operations to enhancing customer interactions, these apps play a crucial role in optimizing every aspect of your e-commerce strategy.

We've seen how the right set of apps can revolutionize a business. For instance, using apps like YotPo for gathering user-generated content has helped our clients boost their site's credibility and increase sales conversions significantly. Similarly, tools like Gorgias have enabled seamless customer support, ensuring queries and issues are handled efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our approach is holistic—we don't just focus on the technical setup. We ensure that your Shopify Plus store is a complete ecosystem that supports all facets of your business, from marketing to sales to customer service. This comprehensive strategy is what sets our clients apart in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

As you consider the next steps for your online store, e-commerce is changing. With First Pier by your side, you can navigate this complex terrain with confidence. We are not just service providers; we are partners committed to your success.

Explore how we can help you leverage Shopify Plus to its full potential and transform your e-commerce business into a leading online powerhouse. Visit our Shopify Plus Global service page to learn more and start your journey towards unparalleled e-commerce success.

Thank you for exploring the possibilities with us. Here's to your continued growth and success in the digital world!

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