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Shopify Plus Development: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Ecommerce Growth

Shopify Plus Development: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices


Shopify Plus development is the elite choice for high-volume merchants aiming to scale their operations effortlessly. This top-tier solution offers enhanced capabilities, such as advanced API support, unlimited staff accounts, and customizable checkouts tailored for businesses that exceed typical e-commerce demands.

Here's a quick overview:- Customization: Tailor every aspect of your ecommerce experience.- Scalability: Manage and expand your operations with ease.- Exclusive Features: Access exclusive apps and integrations.- Support: Receive 24/7 premium support and comprehensive resources.

For businesses raking in significant revenues and transactions, transitioning to Shopify Plus can streamline operations and position your brand for exponential growth. It's not just an upgrade; it's a transformational shift that supports your complex business needs with robust infrastructures and capabilities.

Why consider Shopify Plus?- Reliable platform stability for high-traffic scenarios.- Enhanced customization and integration possibilities.- Superior support and dedicated account managers.

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Understanding Shopify Plus Development

Shopify Plus Development is a leap forward for businesses ready to scale up. It involves using a mix of programming languages and tools to enhance your online store's functionality and user experience. Let's break down the key components:


Liquid is Shopify's templating language. It's used to build dynamic, engaging storefronts. By manipulating Liquid, developers can control what content is shown on a page, depending on various conditions like whether a user is logged in or what products they have viewed. This flexibility is crucial for creating personalized shopping experiences.

JavaScript and Ruby

JavaScript is used mainly for front-end work to make web pages interactive. For example, it can help with tasks like updating a shopping cart without needing to reload the page. Ruby plays a role in server-side scripting and is fundamental for building robust, scalable applications. Shopify scripts, which are written in Ruby, allow for complex discounting rules in Shopify Plus stores that can be tailored to specific products, customers, or orders.

API Work

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are essential for Shopify Plus. They allow your store to communicate with other applications seamlessly. Whether it’s pulling data from a CRM or pushing inventory levels to a supply chain management tool, APIs help keep your data synchronized and accurate across all platforms. Shopify Plus offers enhanced API rate limits, meaning your store can handle more data interactions per minute compared to regular Shopify plans.


Integrations extend the functionality of your Shopify store. Shopify Plus supports integrations with numerous third-party applications like ERP systems, marketing tools, and customer service platforms. These integrations are crucial for automating tasks, enhancing data analysis, and improving customer engagement.

Case Study:Consider the example of a Shopify Plus merchant who used API integrations to connect their online store with a warehouse management system (WMS). This integration allowed for real-time inventory updates, which significantly reduced the incidence of backorders and improved customer satisfaction.

Using Shopify Plus Development:- Customize Deeply: With access to checkout.liquid, you can deeply customize the checkout experience to match your brand’s look and feel, improving trust and conversion rates.- Automate and Integrate: Use Shopify’s APIs to automate workflows and integrate with other business tools to streamline operations and reduce manual work.- Enhance Performance: Utilize JavaScript and Ruby to enhance the functionality and performance of your Shopify Plus store, ensuring it can handle high volumes of traffic and transactions without a hitch.

In summary, Shopify Plus development is about leveraging advanced coding and integration capabilities to build a high-performing, scalable, and deeply customized e-commerce platform. It’s a powerful solution for businesses aiming to expand their operations and provide exceptional user experiences. As you continue to explore Shopify Plus, the platform is designed to grow with you, offering the tools and support needed for your expanding business.

Key Differences Between Shopify and Shopify Plus

When deciding between Shopify and Shopify Plus, it's important to understand the key differences that set them apart. These include pricing tiers, enterprise features, and annual revenue considerations. Let’s dive into these aspects to help you make an informed decision.

Pricing Tiers

  • Shopify offers three main pricing plans:
  • Basic Shopify: Ideal for small businesses just starting out.
  • Shopify: Suitable for growing businesses looking to optimize their operations.
  • Advanced Shopify: Best for scaling businesses that need advanced reporting and lower transaction fees.

  • Shopify Plus starts at a higher base rate but is tailored for high-volume merchants and large-scale enterprises. The pricing is custom and typically starts at around $2,000 per month, scaling up based on the merchant's sales volume. This model is particularly beneficial for businesses whose sales exceed $800,000 per month, as it then shifts to a revenue-based fee structure.

Enterprise Features

  • Shopify provides a robust platform for businesses of all sizes with features like an online storefront, sales channels, product management, and basic analytics.

  • Shopify Plus offers additional advanced features designed for high growth and high volume needs:

  • Unlimited staff accounts to accommodate large teams.
  • Advanced app and product capabilities, including access to exclusive apps like Launchpad for scheduling and automating sales events.
  • Enhanced API limits and customizations, allowing for more complex integrations and real-time data handling.
  • Dedicated support with a Merchant Success Manager and 24/7 priority support.

Annual Revenue

  • Shopify is generally suitable for businesses with a wide range of annual revenues but is particularly appealing to small to medium-sized enterprises.

  • Shopify Plus is designed for businesses with substantial annual revenues, typically in the millions of dollars. The platform’s capabilities are aligned to support large transactions volumes and complex operations that come with higher revenue businesses.

In conclusion, the choice between Shopify and Shopify Plus should be based on your business’s size, growth rate, and specific needs. While Shopify can cater to businesses at various stages, Shopify Plus is tailored for those requiring advanced features and customization to handle significant volumes and transactions, ensuring scalability and dedicated support.

Continuing on, let's explore how to effectively create and manage Shopify Plus stores to leverage these advanced capabilities for your business growth.

Creating and Managing Shopify Plus Stores

Managing an online store on Shopify Plus requires understanding several key aspects: Stores permission, Trial store, Development store, and Sandbox organizations. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in how you can structure and test your store's environment before going live. Let's break down what each of these entails and how they can benefit your Shopify Plus experience.

Stores Permission

In Shopify Plus, managing permissions is critical, especially when you have a team. You can control who has access to what within your organization. This feature ensures that sensitive areas like payment information or customer data are only accessible to authorized personnel, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Trial Store

Before fully committing to a setup, Shopify Plus allows you to create a Trial store. This setup is pivotal for testing out the platform's capabilities without incurring costs. It's a sandbox where you can experiment with different store configurations, themes, and apps to see what best fits your business model before launching your official online store.

Development Store

For deeper customization and testing, Development stores play a vital role. These are fully functional versions of your store used primarily for development and testing purposes. Here, you can develop custom features, test new apps, and make sure everything runs smoothly. Importantly, as detailed in the research, development stores in Shopify Plus can be created with a focus on Shopify Plus features by selecting Shopify Plus sandbox during setup. This ensures that the development environment closely mimics the live environment you'll eventually operate in.

Sandbox Organizations

Sandbox organizations are exclusive to Shopify Plus and allow partners to create multiple test environments. As per the guidelines, you can create up to five sandbox organizations, and within each, up to five sandbox stores. This feature is incredibly useful for testing changes across multiple store setups or preparing multiple store versions before a major release. These sandbox stores and organizations are for testing only and cannot be transferred to a live merchant environment.

Creating and managing stores in Shopify Plus offers a robust framework for businesses to test, develop, and launch e-commerce solutions that are scalable and secure. By utilizing these features, businesses can ensure that their online store is not only optimized for user experience but also robust enough to handle high volumes of sales and complex operational needs.

Moving forward, let's delve into the advanced features of Shopify Plus that can further enhance your store's functionality and customer engagement.

Advanced Features of Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is packed with advanced features designed to support high-volume merchants in scaling their operations efficiently. Here, we'll explore some of the key features that make Shopify Plus a powerhouse for large-scale e-commerce businesses.

Customizable Checkout

One of the standout features of Shopify Plus is the customizable checkout process. Merchants can tailor the checkout experience to meet their brand's specific needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially increasing conversion rates. Before August 13, 2024, merchants can use the checkout.liquid file for customization. Post that date, Shopify Plus will shift to checkout extensibility for enhanced customization capabilities. This change allows merchants to maintain a consistent brand experience throughout the shopping journey.

API Resources

API resources are crucial for businesses looking to integrate custom apps or connect their store with external systems. Shopify Plus offers increased API rate limits, which is essential for handling high volumes of data seamlessly. The platform supports both REST and GraphQL APIs, enabling advanced integrations and real-time data exchanges. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that require complex, automated processes that standard Shopify plans cannot support.

Unlimited Staff

As businesses grow, they often need more hands on deck. Shopify Plus supports unlimited staff accounts, allowing businesses to expand their team without worrying about additional costs. This feature is invaluable for large teams where multiple users need access to the backend to manage orders, customer service, and other operational tasks efficiently.


With great power comes great responsibility. Shopify Plus offers advanced permissions settings that help businesses control the level of access each staff member has. This feature ensures that sensitive data and critical business operations are protected, while still allowing team members to perform their roles effectively.

Expansion Stores

For businesses aiming to scale internationally or segment their market offerings, Shopify Plus supports up to nine expansion stores. These stores can be configured for different regions, languages, or even separate product lines, providing flexibility and targeted customer engagement without the need to manage multiple disparate systems.

Shopify Plus Partner Program

The Shopify Plus Partner Program is a network of trusted service providers. These partners are experts in Shopify Plus and provide solutions ranging from custom app development to complex integrations and strategic e-commerce advice. Working with a Shopify Plus Partner can help merchants leverage the platform's capabilities to the fullest, ensuring that they are always ahead of the curve in a competitive market.

By leveraging these advanced features, Shopify Plus merchants can optimize their operations, offer better customer experiences, and ultimately drive higher sales. These tools not only support current business needs but also provide the scalability to grow and expand in the future.

As we move into the next section, we'll discuss how to optimize your Shopify Plus store for success, focusing on custom web development, UX design, and other key areas to enhance your online presence.

Optimizing Your Shopify Plus Store for Success

To truly excel with Shopify Plus, it's crucial to focus on several core areas of development and design. This ensures not only a smooth operation but also an engaging user experience that converts visitors into loyal customers. Here, we break down the essentials of optimizing your Shopify Plus store.

Custom Web Development

Shopify Plus offers extensive customization capabilities beyond the standard Shopify features. Custom web development allows you to tailor every aspect of your ecommerce store to meet specific business needs and brand aesthetics. This could range from unique product pages (PDPs) to sophisticated search functionalities.

For instance, BlueSwitch, a top-rated NYC Shopify Plus Agency Partner, uses cutting-edge coding to craft bespoke Shopify Plus storefronts that redefine the eCommerce experience. They integrate advanced functionalities like custom checkout UI extensions and expanded cart features to enhance usability and performance.

UX Design

The user experience (UX) design of your Shopify Plus store plays a pivotal role in how visitors interact with your site. A well-designed UX can reduce friction, soothe pain points, and convert first-time visitors into lifelong customers. This involves thoughtful layout, intuitive navigation, and fast load times.

A focus on mobile-friendly design is also crucial, as a significant portion of ecommerce traffic comes from mobile devices. Ensuring your site is responsive and easy to use on smartphones and tablets can dramatically increase your conversion rates.

Code-based Solutions

Leveraging code-based solutions minimizes dependence on third-party apps, which can slow down your site and create security vulnerabilities. For example, instead of using multiple plugins for custom features, you can use Shopify's Liquid, JavaScript, or Ruby to build these directly into your site. This approach not only keeps your site clean and fast but also ensures a higher level of customization and stability.

Shopify Functions and Metaobjects

Shopify Functions and Metaobjects are powerful tools for adding complex business logic to your Shopify store without compromising on performance. Functions allow you to modify prices, properties, and more, based on custom logic embedded directly into Shopify’s backend. Metaobjects provide a way to store additional information about products, customers, or orders, which can be crucial for businesses with specialized needs.

Custom API Configurations

To further enhance your store’s capabilities, custom API configurations can integrate external services and internal systems, facilitating a seamless flow of data across platforms. This is essential for enterprises that use sophisticated ERP systems or need to synchronize their online store with physical retail operations.

Conversion-focused Design

Lastly, every element of your Shopify Plus store should be designed with conversion in mind. This means clear call-to-action buttons, optimized checkout processes, and persuasive product descriptions. Tools like A/B testing can help refine these elements based on real user data.

By focusing on these areas, you can ensure that your Shopify Plus store is not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for maximum performance and conversion. The goal is to create an online experience that mirrors the quality and expectation of your brand while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in ecommerce.

We'll explore how leveraging Shopify Plus for high-volume sales can further amplify your success, ensuring that your store can handle increased traffic and transactions effortlessly.

Leveraging Shopify Plus for High-Volume Sales

When it comes to handling high-volume sales efficiently, Shopify Plus provides robust tools and features designed specifically for businesses experiencing significant growth and increased transaction volumes. Here, we'll delve into how you can fully utilize these capabilities to streamline your operations and boost your sales performance.

Unlimited Test Purchases and Test Orders

One of the standout features of Shopify Plus is the ability to make an unlimited number of test purchases. This allows you to thoroughly test your store under various scenarios before going live. Similarly, the platform supports processing unlimited test orders. This feature is invaluable for ensuring that your checkout process is optimized and that all integrations work seamlessly under different stress conditions without risking real transactions.

Unique Products

Shopify Plus supports the creation of an unlimited number of unique products. This capability is crucial for stores that deal with a wide range of inventory or have complex product sets with numerous variants. It ensures that you can scale up your offerings without worrying about hitting limits that could hinder your expansion.

Wholesale Channel and Launchpad

For businesses that operate on both retail and wholesale levels, Shopify Plus offers a dedicated wholesale channel. This feature simplifies managing wholesale operations directly from your Shopify environment, providing a seamless bridge between direct consumer sales and bulk selling to other businesses.

Launchpad is another powerful tool within Shopify Plus, designed to automate and schedule various tasks associated with running promotions, product releases, or sales events. It helps in managing high-volume traffic spikes smoothly, ensuring that your store can handle sudden increases in demand.

API Call Rates and Custom Checkouts

High API call rates are essential for high-volume stores that rely on real-time data exchanges between various systems. Shopify Plus offers increased API call limits, which allows for more frequent data synchronization and integration with external systems, enhancing the overall efficiency of operations.

The ability to create custom checkouts is a game-changer for many Shopify Plus merchants. This feature not only enhances the checkout experience but also allows for custom workflows and processes that can lead to higher conversion rates. For instance, you can implement sophisticated discounting logic, loyalty features, or region-specific adjustments that are not possible in a standard Shopify setup.


By leveraging these advanced features, Shopify Plus helps you manage high-volume sales efficiently. Whether it's through enhanced testing capabilities, handling a vast array of products, or utilizing specialized tools like the wholesale channel and Launchpad, Shopify Plus is equipped to support the demanding needs of growing businesses. Understanding the pricing changes in 2024 will also be crucial for planning and budgeting effectively in your Shopify Plus journey.

Shopify Plus Pricing Update for 2024

As we continue to explore the capabilities of Shopify Plus, it's important to stay informed about the upcoming changes, especially regarding pricing. For businesses planning to adopt or continue with Shopify Plus, understanding these updates for 2024 is essential for budgeting and strategic planning. Here’s what you need to know:

Price Increase

Beginning in 2024, Shopify Plus is introducing a price increase. The starting monthly fee will be $2,000. This adjustment reflects the enhanced features and support provided by Shopify Plus, which are designed to accommodate the needs of high-volume, high-growth merchants. This price point ensures that businesses can leverage the full power of Shopify Plus, including advanced API access, increased customization capabilities, and more comprehensive support channels.

Standard Shopify Plan

For those comparing the different Shopify offerings, the Standard Shopify plans remain distinct from Shopify Plus. These plans are tailored for businesses at different stages of growth and are priced accordingly. As of now, the Standard plans are:- Basic Shopify at $29 per month- Shopify at $79 per month- Advanced Shopify at $299 per month

These plans cater to smaller businesses or those just starting out, unlike Shopify Plus, which is geared towards larger operations needing robust, scalable solutions.

Three-Year Term

Starting in 2024, Shopify Plus will require a three-year minimum commitment from its users. This long-term commitment underscores Shopify's focus on providing stable, continuous service and support to its enterprise users. It also allows businesses to plan their growth and scale operations with a reliable cost structure over a more extended period.

This commitment is a shift from the more flexible terms previously offered, signifying Shopify's confidence in its platform's ability to provide sustained value to big businesses.

By understanding these pricing structures and commitments, businesses can better prepare for the future, ensuring that the costs associated with running a Shopify Plus store are aligned with their long-term growth strategies and budgeting frameworks. As we look ahead, consider how these changes might impact your business and what steps you may need to take to adapt to the evolving e-commerce landscape.


As we reflect on the evolving landscape of e-commerce, it's clear that Shopify Plus stands as a robust platform designed for scalability and sophisticated business needs. At First Pier, we pride ourselves on being a full-service e-commerce agency that specializes in Shopify Plus development and optimization. Our deep understanding of the platform and our commitment to delivering tailored, high-performing solutions make us an ideal partner for businesses looking to thrive in a dynamic market.

Shopify Plus development is more than just building an online store; it's about creating a seamless, efficient, and engaging shopping experience that reflects the uniqueness of your brand while catering to the complex needs of high-volume businesses. Our team at First Pier brings a wealth of experience and a proactive approach to each project, ensuring that your e-commerce platform not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We focus on harnessing the full potential of Shopify Plus's features, from its customizable checkout process to its advanced API resources. Our expertise allows us to create optimized stores that are not only visually appealing but also functionally superior. Whether it's integrating third-party applications or developing custom solutions that streamline operations and enhance user engagement, we ensure that every aspect of your Shopify Plus store is fine-tuned for success.

Moreover, our commitment to your business's growth doesn't end at launch. We provide ongoing support and optimization services to adapt to market changes and continuously improve your store's performance. This dedication to excellence has established First Pier as a trusted leader in Shopify Plus development.

As the digital marketplace grows more competitive, partnering with an experienced agency like First Pier can provide you with the strategic advantage you need. We invite you to explore how our Shopify Plus development services can transform your business and set the stage for unparalleled success in the digital arena.

Ready to elevate your e-commerce experience? Visit our Shopify Plus Global Services page and discover how we can help you achieve your business goals with Shopify Plus.

Embrace the future of enterprise e-commerce with First Pier, where innovation meets execution.

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