The most exciting things Shopify just announced in Shopify Editions

The most exciting things Shopify just announced in Shopify Editions

Shopify has started announcing major platform updates twice a year with Shopify Editions, and this year there is almost too much in the announcement to handle—our cup is proverbially overflowing over here. The whole shebang is worth a gander, but here are the five things we’re most excited about. 

One-Page Checkout

Shopify checkout hasn’t changed much in the 11 years we’ve been working on the platform and sometimes stability is a good thing. But this development looks amazing and we can’t wait to roll out updated Shopify checkout for our clients. 

Checkout Extensibility

Hand in hand with the new one-page checkout, Shopify just rolled out modular checkout extensions to Shopify Plus merchants and we’re already rolling some of these for clients. This year is very much the year of checkout. 

Shop App Customization & Shop Cash Campaigns

Shopify’s eponymous Shop app is a slow-burn juggernaut and the updates coming to customizing the platform are low-key super exciting. Add to that the ability to run cash-back campaigns near natively and we’re singing in the shower. 

New No-Password Accounts

Shopify’s new cross-platform customer accounts, ditching passwords, and adding platform native return are—let's be honest—something only a real ecom nerd could be excited about and, hi, guilty. 

Expanded B2B Functions

Shopify’s B2B functionality, available on Shopify Plus, was rebuilt from the ground up and launched last year. We’ve already implemented it and it is a dream. With the announced extensions, it’s even better—quite possibly the smoothest B2B experience we can recommend.

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