Choosing Shopify Plus

If there’s one bandwagon to jump on, it’s Shopify. Shopify is the show pony of ecommerce solutions. It’s a full package featuring strategic tools that are tailor-made for online stores from every walk of business. Keeping the lights on for over a million entrepreneurs around the world, Shopify offers a user-friendly interface, smart and effective SEO controls, and efficient internal nuts and bolts like inventory management, pre-populated themes, and a plethora of payment methods. 

Shopify Plus is the varsity team of Shopify services: picture an online host wearing a letterman jacket. This is the platform’s answer to the moment when your successful business becomes a high-volume enterprise-level operation that requires a little something extra to keep up and stay ahead of demand.

The upgrade to Plus brings specialized features like around-the-clock support from a dedicated Plus team, access to personalized customizations in the most critical corners of your store (think: checkout), and the ability to schedule campaigns, product launches, and flash sales. Not to mention a fabulous user-friendly automation system for back-office tasks. Plus also offers Shopify Scripts that allow for on-the-fly programming for things like discounting cart items, showing or hiding payment, or shipping options.

Other perks:

We’re thrilled to be Shopify Partners and Maine Shopify Experts.

  • Shopify Launchpad — a tool that allows us to schedule promotions and site changes in a stable and secure way, enabling more work to be queued for launch at a specific time.
  • Expansion Stores — this allows for geographic specialization, and it would also allow for a proper staging site. Shopify Plus is capable of near-instant store creation. This does wonders for A/B testing as well as a single-product or collection ​“stores” to allow for more dynamic sales.

At the end of the day, Shopify is an incredible tool for your business, and when the time comes to level up, Shopify Plus is without a doubt the right move.