Brand & Identity

Brand & Identity

From brand definitions to logo and collateral, we help companies express who they are by creating coherent and dynamic identities.

So how does it work?

Our identity process starts with a session designed to create a hyper-specific positioning and offering statement - based on what makes you unique as a business. 

From there we move to identifying personas, service or product offerings, and then into mood and tone.  

Our logo development process is rooted deeply in creating a visual system to that effectively communicates you brand tone and position, allowing for flexible design systems, and easy recognition. 

Often we work with brands that have an established logo, but perhaps a less formalized design system. We have extensive experience refreshing visual identities without re-imagining them, and then expanding into color, type, and pattern. 

At the end of our identity process, brands have a full brand guide complete with dos, don'ts, logo variations, lockups.

First Pier found important parts of my brand’s identity and translated them perfectly into visual language.

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