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How to Use Shopify Shop Cash in 5 Easy Steps

Ecommerce Growth

How to Use Shopify Shop Cash in 5 Easy Steps

Shopify Shop Cash is a powerful tool that allows e-commerce businesses to reward their customers with a virtual currency they can earn and redeem on future purchases. This feature is designed to boost customer loyalty and drive more sales.

Here's a quick overview of Shopify Shop Cash:

  1. Customers earn Shop Cash with purchases and referrals.
  2. Shop Cash is stored in their account for future use.
  3. Shop Cash offers flexibility, working alongside traditional payment methods.

Integrating Shopify Shop Cash into your online store can bring many benefits. It encourages repeat purchases, enhances customer engagement, and provides valuable insights into shopping behavior. At First Pier, we specialize in implementing and optimizing Shopify features, including Shop Cash, to help your business thrive.

I'm Steve Pogson. With over 20 years of experience in e-commerce and as a certified Shopify expert, I help businesses make the most of Shopify's features like Shop Cash. Let me guide you through using this fantastic tool.

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Step 1: Setting Up Shop Cash on Your Shopify Store

Enabling Shop Cash

To start using Shopify Shop Cash, you need to enable it on your store. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Settings Menu:
  2. Log in to your Shopify Admin account.
  3. Navigate to the Settings menu at the bottom left of your dashboard.

  4. Select Payment Providers:

  5. In the Settings menu, click on Payment providers.
  6. Here, you'll see a list of available payment methods for your store.

  7. Enable Shop Cash:

  8. Find Shop Cash in the list of payment options.
  9. Click Enable to activate Shop Cash as a payment method for your store.

By enabling Shop Cash, you allow customers to use their earned rewards during checkout, enhancing their shopping experience.

Configuring Shop Cash Settings

Once Shop Cash is enabled, it's important to configure its settings to suit your business needs. Here's how:

  1. Customize Exchange Rate:
  2. Determine how much Shop Cash customers earn per dollar spent. For example, you might set it so they earn $1 in Shop Cash for every $100 spent.
  3. Adjust this rate based on your profit margins and promotional goals.

  4. Set Expiration Dates:

  5. Decide how long customers have to use their earned Shop Cash. This can range from a few weeks to several months.
  6. Expiration dates create urgency and encourage repeat purchases.

  7. Apply Restrictions and Limitations:

  8. You can restrict the use of Shop Cash to specific product categories or set minimum purchase amounts for redemption.
  9. This ensures that Shop Cash is used in a way that benefits your store the most.

By configuring these settings, you can tailor the Shop Cash experience to fit your business strategy and customer needs.

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Example: Creating a Shop Cash Promotion

Let’s say you own a boutique selling handmade jewelry. You could create a promotion where customers earn $10 in Shop Cash for every $50 spent during the holiday season. This not only boosts sales but also encourages customers to return and use their Shop Cash, increasing customer loyalty.

Real-World Success

A recent study showed that 35% of orders on the Shop app are repeat purchases. By integrating Shop Cash, retailers have seen significant increases in both customer retention and sales.

Next, we'll explore how your customers can earn Shop Cash and track their balances, ensuring they get the most out of this exciting feature.

Step 2: Earning Shop Cash

How Customers Earn Shop Cash

Earning Shopify Shop Cash is straightforward and rewarding for customers. Here's how it works:

  1. Qualifying Purchases: Customers earn Shop Cash on eligible orders made through Shop Pay. For instance, they might earn 1% back on every purchase. This virtual currency accumulates in their account, incentivizing more shopping.

  2. Shop Pay: To earn Shop Cash, customers must use Shop Pay at checkout. This seamless payment method not only speeds up transactions but also ensures that customers earn their rewards effortlessly.

  3. Referral Program: Customers can also earn extra Shop Cash by referring friends to your store. Both the referrer and the new customer receive Shop Cash, expanding your customer base and increasing loyalty.

Tracking Shop Cash Balance

Transparency is crucial for maintaining customer trust and encouraging repeat business. Shopify makes it easy for customers to track their Shop Cash balance:

  1. Account Dashboard: Customers can log into their account on the Shop app to view their Shop Cash balance. This dashboard provides a clear and up-to-date view of their earned rewards.

  2. Customer Transparency: By offering an easily accessible balance check, customers can see the value they are accumulating, which motivates further purchases.

  3. Repeat Business: Knowing their Shop Cash balance encourages customers to return and spend their virtual currency, driving repeat business and fostering loyalty.

By making it easy for customers to earn and track Shop Cash, you create a rewarding shopping experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Next, we'll explore how your customers can redeem their Shop Cash seamlessly during checkout.

Step 3: Redeeming Shop Cash

Applying Shop Cash at Checkout

Redeeming Shopify Shop Cash during checkout is a straightforward process, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

  1. Shop App Requirement: Customers must use the Shop app to redeem their Shop Cash. This app is essential for applying the virtual currency at checkout.

  2. Initiate Checkout: When customers are ready to purchase, they add items to their cart and proceed to checkout within the Shop app.

  3. Select Payment Method: During the payment process, a Shop Cash option will appear if the store accepts Shop Cash. Customers can choose to apply their Shop Cash balance here.

  4. Complete the Purchase: The Shop Cash amount is deducted from the total order value, and customers can pay any remaining balance using their preferred payment method.

  5. Confirmation: After the transaction, customers receive a confirmation showing the applied Shop Cash and remaining balance, if any.

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Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Despite its simplicity, some customers may encounter issues when redeeming Shop Cash. Here are common problems and solutions:

  1. Customer Confusion: Customers might not understand how to use Shop Cash. Clear instructions and visuals in your marketing materials can help. Consider adding a FAQ section on your website.

  2. Technical Glitches: Sometimes, customers might face technical issues like the Shop Cash option not appearing. Encourage them to update their Shop app and try again. If problems persist, contacting Shopify support is advisable.

  3. Misuse Prevention: To prevent misuse, configure restrictions like minimum purchase amounts or product category exclusions. Regularly review transactions in the Shopify dashboard to spot and address any anomalies.

By addressing these issues proactively, you can ensure a smooth and positive experience for your customers, encouraging them to make the most of their Shop Cash rewards.

Step 4: Promoting Shop Cash to Increase Engagement

After setting up Shopify Shop Cash on your store, it's crucial to let your customers know about it. Effective promotion can drive engagement and increase sales. Here’s how to do it:

Marketing Strategies

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way to inform your customers about Shop Cash. Craft compelling email campaigns to highlight the benefits and exclusive offers available through Shop Cash.

  • Welcome Emails: Introduce new customers to Shop Cash right after they sign up.
  • Promotional Emails: Send periodic updates about special promotions and discounts available to Shop Cash users.
  • Reminder Emails: Notify customers about their Shop Cash balance and encourage them to redeem it before it expires.

2. Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are excellent channels to promote Shop Cash. Use these platforms to create engaging posts and stories.

  • Posts and Stories: Share visually appealing posts and stories that explain how to earn and use Shop Cash.
  • Interactive Content: Use polls, quizzes, and live Q&A sessions to answer questions and generate excitement about Shop Cash.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Partner with influencers to reach a broader audience and boost credibility.

3. Website Banners

Adding banners to your website can catch the eye of visitors and inform them about Shop Cash.

  • Homepage Banners: Place a prominent banner on your homepage to announce the availability of Shop Cash.
  • Checkout Page Banners: Remind customers of their Shop Cash balance during the checkout process to encourage redemption.
  • Product Page Banners: Highlight Shop Cash eligible products to drive more sales.

Highlighting Benefits

1. Exclusive Discounts

One of the best ways to encourage participation is by offering exclusive discounts for Shop Cash users. This not only incentivizes customers to earn and use Shop Cash but also fosters loyalty.

  • Limited-Time Offers: Create time-sensitive discounts that can only be redeemed with Shop Cash.
  • Bundle Deals: Offer special bundle deals that provide extra value when purchased with Shop Cash.

2. Rewards and Incentives

Highlight the rewards and incentives of using Shop Cash to make it more appealing.

  • Earn More, Save More: Emphasize that the more customers shop, the more Shop Cash they earn, leading to bigger savings on future purchases.
  • Special Events: Host events like "Shop Day" where customers can earn extra Shop Cash or redeem their rewards for higher value.

3. Customer Participation

Encourage customer participation by making the process of earning and using Shop Cash straightforward and rewarding.

  • Clear Instructions: Provide easy-to-follow guides on how to earn and redeem Shop Cash.
  • Customer Testimonials: Share stories and testimonials from other customers who have benefited from Shop Cash.
  • Interactive Tutorials: Use short videos or step-by-step tutorials to visually demonstrate the process.

By implementing these marketing strategies and highlighting the benefits, you can effectively promote Shopify Shop Cash and boost customer engagement. In the next section, we’ll cover how to manage Shop Cash transactions and balances to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Step 5: Managing Shop Cash Transactions and Balances

Reviewing Transactions

Managing Shopify Shop Cash transactions and balances is crucial for keeping your store's finances in order. Shopify provides a comprehensive dashboard that makes this process straightforward.

On the Shopify Dashboard, you can review all customer transactions involving Shop Cash. This includes:

  • Transaction Details: View the date, time, and amount of Shop Cash used in each transaction.
  • Balance Review: Check the remaining Shop Cash balance for each customer.
  • Order History: See how Shop Cash was applied to specific orders.

You can access these details by navigating to the Orders section in your Shopify admin panel. This helps you keep track of how much Shop Cash is being used and ensures transparency in your accounting.

Addressing Issues

Even with a well-managed system, issues can arise. Here’s how to handle them:

  • Customer Support: Ensure you have a dedicated support team to address customer inquiries about Shop Cash. This includes questions about earning, redeeming, and balance discrepancies.

  • Technical Issues: Sometimes, technical glitches can occur. For instance, a customer might not see their Shop Cash balance update immediately. In such cases, Shopify’s support team can assist in troubleshooting these issues.

  • Security Measures: Protect your Shop Cash system from misuse. Implement security measures like verifying customer accounts and monitoring for suspicious activity.

By regularly reviewing transactions and addressing issues promptly, you can maintain a smooth and secure Shop Cash experience for your customers.

In the next section, we will answer some frequently asked questions about Shopify Shop Cash to help you better understand and utilize this feature in your store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shopify Shop Cash

Is Shop Cash Legit?

Yes, Shop Cash is a legitimate feature provided by Shopify. It allows customers to earn virtual cash rewards on purchases made using Shop Pay. These rewards can be used for future purchases within the Shop app, enhancing the shopping experience for both merchants and customers.

Why Am I Not Earning Shop Cash?

There are several reasons why you might not be earning Shop Cash:

  • Merchant Criteria: The store may have specific criteria for earning Shop Cash, such as minimum purchase amounts or specific product categories.
  • Purchase Method: Shop Cash can only be earned on purchases made using Shop Pay.
  • Geographic Restrictions: Currently, Shop Cash is available to customers with billing addresses in the United States.

Review the Shop Cash program details provided by the store to ensure you meet the necessary criteria.

Does Shop Cash Expire?

The expiration of Shop Cash rewards depends on the settings configured by the merchant. Some programs may have expiration dates, while others may not. Always check the terms and conditions of the specific Shop Cash program offered by the store to understand the expiration policy.

By understanding these aspects of Shopify Shop Cash, you can better navigate and utilize this feature to enhance your shopping experience.


Shopify Shop Cash is a powerful tool for both merchants and customers. It provides a seamless way to earn and redeem rewards, enhancing the overall shopping experience. By setting up Shop Cash on your Shopify store, you can boost customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

The benefits of using Shop Cash are clear. It encourages customers to return, spend more, and even refer friends to your store. This not only increases sales but also fosters a sense of community and appreciation among your customers.

At First Pier, we specialize in helping businesses like yours make the most of Shopify's features, including Shop Cash. Our e-commerce services are designed to optimize your online store, ensuring you can leverage every tool available to grow your business.

By implementing Shop Cash, you can collect valuable customer data, tailor your marketing strategies, and create exclusive promotions that keep your customers engaged. The insights gained from Shop Cash transactions can help you understand customer preferences and improve your offerings.

In summary, Shopify Shop Cash is more than just a rewards program—it's a strategic asset for building customer loyalty and increasing sales. Let First Pier guide you in integrating this feature seamlessly into your Shopify store, and watch your business thrive.

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