Why Shopify

We’ve worked on everything from websites stuck together with chewing gum and duct tape to ecommerce sites built on WooCommerce and Magento. Our experience is a mile wide and a mile deep — and through all of this work, Shopify has emerged as the best solution for our partners. We believe Shopify provides the best balance of features and flexibility for our clients. It’s a platform that lets us focus on what we care about: helping our partners increase their sales, push their campaigns, and generally do more.

We’re thrilled to be Shopify Partners and Maine Shopify Experts.

Shopify Is Cloud Hosted

That means our partners don’t need separate hosting accounts or individual SSL certificates. They don’t need to worry about data centers or PCI compliance because as a cloud solution, Shopify’s hosting is both global and secure. Shopify has strong security practices already in place and at scale. On self-hosted platforms we’ve seen problems that trace back to everything from rogue cron-jobs to spikes in traffic on completely separate sites, and we’ve been consistently impressed with the uptime and stability of Shopify hosting. 

Shopify Updates Are Automatic

Coming from a space where platform feature and security updates are both frequent and costly (we’re looking at you, WooCommerce and Magento), Shopify’s platform is a breath of fresh air. Security updates are handled across the platform regularly, and feature updates occur at regular intervals. This allows us to spend more time building website functionality and marketing campaigns rather than making sure the system doesn’t overheat.

Shopify Has a Fabulous Ecosystem

One of the best aspects of Shopify as a business is the way the company has served as a signal booster for an amazing community of businesses. Asa result, the ecosystem of integrations and applications is second-to-none. With over a million businesses powered by Shopify there are very few solutions that haven’t already been defined and created.

Shopify Has Great Support

Shopify support — available 24⁄7 by chat, email, and phone — is one of the platform’s strongest assets. The support team is swift, knowledgeable, and just generally great, and we really like talking to them. 

Shopify Gives Us Total Design Control

Forgive us if this is getting in the weeds, but the ease and power of Shopify’s liquid templating system, coupled with the complete access to templates and theme assets, is a big win. We’ve built frontends for literally dozens of Content Management Systems and for front-end developers, Shopify is an open playground. This flexibility means that the designers on our team don’t get put in the ​“sorry, we can’t do that” corner (nobody puts baby in the corner), and it means that we’re able to build fast, clean, beautiful websites for our partners. 

Shopify Is a Total Commerce Solution

With an integrated POS system and an excellent payment gateway, Shopify serves the totality of our partners’ retail needs. Shopify payment is secure, easy to set up, and has a multi-point fraud detection system. Shopify POS is clean and intuitive. From customer-facing to back office, our partners are able to run their business based on the tools that Shopify builds and integrates with.

As one of Maine’s Top eCommerce Consulting Agencies we are committed to delivering best-in-class ecommerce solutions with Shopify.