Personizely is a conversion marketing platform designed to enhance website performance and sales. Key features include:

1. Widgets: These tools are customizable for driving conversions and sales, including popups, bars, callouts, and embedded widgets.

2. Website Personalization: Personizely allows for the creation of unique visitor experiences using website personalization, treating each visitor uniquely based on multiple targeting parameters.

3. List Building: The platform assists in drawing email, phone, or messenger leads effectively.

4. Cart Abandonment Solutions: It provides tools to make attractive offers that lead customers to checkout.

5. Promotions and Cross/Upselling: Personizely aids in increasing the visibility of offers and making sales-boosting recommendations.

6. Surveys: The platform includes tools for implementing surveys to understand visitors better and boost conversion rates.

7. Drag and Drop Builder: This feature facilitates the creation of complex widgets without the need for a developer.

8. Visual Editor for Personalization: Personizely has a visual editor that enables marketing teams to personalize text, images, and CTAs easily, irrespective of the platform the site is built on.

9. Integrations: The platform integrates seamlessly with other marketing tools for a more efficient workflow.

First Pier uses Personizely for our clients due to its comprehensive set of tools aimed at improving website conversion rates, personalizing customer experiences, and integrating easily with existing marketing workflows. These features can significantly enhance the performance of e-commerce websites by increasing sales, customer engagement, and overall marketing efficiency.