Shopify Migration

So you’re not on Shopify? No sweat. We provide comprehensive platform migration with an eye for detail. We handle everything from product descriptions to customer histories and URL redirects, swiftly and carefully. Migrating from one platform to another is a lot like moving into a new house. All data from your old system has to be organized, packed, and carried over. We ensure no detail is overlooked by outlining a foolproof plan that boxes everything up neatly, accounting for important details like customer information and order data. If you have an existing brand, pass go. If not, we’ll need to create one. From there, we spend time organizing your website depending on how much or how little content you have. If your content bank needs a hand, we’ll add in a workflow of content creation. This process involves creative strategy and direction, photography, and other design elements that feel right for your brand. After that, we figure out where all of your content will go and begin to file things into cohesive categories, menus, and filters. What comes next: design, development, testing, training, and execution. Through the design process our team puts together wireframes of key pages and mockups of what your site could look like. In close collaboration with you, we work in feedback tweaking and seasoning as needed until all lights are green. From there, your site’s development kicks into high gear followed by a lot of testing and then some more testing. We orchestrate an extensive training for you and your team to ensure you feel comfortable with how your new website works and then prepare for launch by queuing up domains, email, apps, and any other fine print required for your specific site. The migration to Shopify is a big step with a lot of moving parts, but to us the process is second nature and the results are second to none.

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