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How to Integrate Okendo with Shopify in Less Than an Hour a Day

Ecommerce Growth

How to Integrate Okendo with Shopify in Less Than an Hour a Day


Are you feeling overwhelmed with managing customer reviews and driving growth for your Shopify store? Doing this manually can be time-consuming and ineffective. However, there's a solution that can simplify the process and maximize your results: Okendo Shopify integration.

At First Pier, we've seen firsthand how integrating Okendo with Shopify can be transformative for eCommerce businesses. Okendo, a top-rated customer marketing platform, and Shopify, a leading eCommerce platform, make a powerful combination. They streamline the process of collecting, managing, and showcasing customer reviews. But, more importantly, they turn your happy customers into your best marketers - significantly boosting trust, engagement, and growth for your Shopify business.

This guide gives you an hour-by-hour roadmap to integrating Okendo with Shopify. We walk you through the process straightforwardly so that even eCommerce novices can understand and follow.

Here's a sneak-peak into what the integration process looks like:

  • Installing the Okendo App on Shopify: This is a straightforward process that involves navigating to the relevant section in your Shopify admin panel.

  • Enabling Okendo App Embed in Shopify: This ensures the Okendo reviews can be displayed elegantly on your Shopify storefront.

  • Creating Snippet Files for the Reviews Widget and Rating Summary: This technical step is crucial in setting up your Okendo integration correctly.

Stay tuned as we divulge the details ahead.

Okendo and Shopify Integration Infographic detailing the steps involved in the integration process - okendo shopify integration infographic step-infographic-4-steps

Understanding Okendo and Its Features

What is Okendo?

Okendo is a customer marketing platform designed to strengthen the bond between consumers and the brands they love. We at First Pier believe that happy customers are the best marketers, and that's why we highly recommend Okendo for Shopify store owners. By making use of Okendo, Shopify merchants can cultivate brand advocacy and maximize customer lifetime value, thereby fostering faster and smarter growth.

Key Features of Okendo

Okendo is more than just a review collection platform. It is a comprehensive customer marketing tool equipped with features that can significantly enhance your Shopify store’s performance and growth. Here are some key features that stand out:

  1. Customer Insights: Okendo goes beyond just collecting reviews. With its in-moment micro-surveys, it gathers valuable customer data that can help you understand your customers' preferences, behaviors, and shopping habits at a granular level.

  2. Guided Shopping Experiences: Okendo uses collected customer data to guide customers towards products they are likely to love and purchase, thereby increasing sales.

  3. Rewards Engine: Okendo offers a rewards engine for incentivizing the collection of reviews, user-generated content (UGC), and data sharing. These rewards can range from discounts to exclusive deals or points, depending on what resonates most with your customers.

  4. Referral Marketing: Okendo helps turn your happy customers into superfans who actively refer your brand to their network. This results in significant lifts in conversion rates.

  5. Integrations: Okendo offers over 65 integrations, enabling you to unify your tech stack, streamline workflows, and elevate the customer experience. This includes the capacity to integrate with platforms such as Klaviyo, Shopify, and Gorgias.

How Okendo Can Boost Customer Reviews and Sales

Okendo’s unique features can significantly boost your customer reviews and sales. By collecting customer insights, Okendo allows you to tailor your marketing messages, product recommendations, and the shopping experience to match your customers' preferences. This degree of personalization can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and lead to higher conversion rates.

Further, the guided shopping experience feature of Okendo can increase sales and encourage repeat purchases. When integrated with Shopify, Okendo can help you turn your happy customers into brand advocates. As per Okendo's data, an average conversion rate lift of 4X is observed, highlighting the power of social proof in driving sales.

Okendo also incentivizes customers to leave reviews by offering rewards, thereby increasing the number of reviews on your Shopify store. These reviews further enhance customer trust and drive more sales.

In conclusion, Okendo's role in eCommerce revolves around enhancing customer trust, cultivating brand advocacy, providing high-impact social proof, and offering seamless integration with various platforms. By harnessing these capabilities, you can drive growth and maximize business success in the digital marketplace.

In the next sections, we will delve deeper into the process of integrating Okendo with Shopify and how you can maximize its benefits for your business.

Setting Up Okendo on Shopify

Before we guide you through the process of Okendo Shopify integration, it's worth noting that Okendo is more than just a customer reviews app. It's a powerful customer marketing platform that enables Shopify businesses to build trust, enhance engagement, and ultimately drive growth. Okendo's seamless integration with platforms like Klaviyo makes it a robust tool with a wide range of applications.

Installing the Okendo Reviews App on Shopify

The first step to integrating Okendo with Shopify is installing the Okendo Reviews app. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin.
  2. Navigate to the Shopify App Store.
  3. Search for "Okendo Reviews".
  4. Click on the Okendo Reviews app to view its details.
  5. Click the "Add app" button to install the Okendo Reviews app on your Shopify store.

Enabling Okendo App Embed in Shopify

After installing the app, the next step is to enable the Okendo app embed in your Shopify store. This ensures that the settings and styles for Okendo's review widgets are loaded and you can start adding review widgets where you want them to appear.

Follow these steps to enable the Okendo app embed:

  1. In your Shopify admin, click "Online Store", then "Themes".
  2. Click the "Customize" button for the theme you want to edit.
  3. Find the "Theme Settings" tab and click it.
  4. Click the "App Embeds" tab.
  5. Toggle on the Okendo Reviews app embed switch.

This will enable you to add widgets to your Shopify theme.

Creating Snippet Files for the Reviews Widget and Rating Summary

The final step in setting up Okendo on Shopify is creating snippet files for the Reviews Widget and the Rating Summary. Snippet files are pieces of reusable code that determine how your reviews and ratings will be displayed on your Shopify store.

For the Product Reviews Widget, which displays all reviews for a single product, create a snippet file named 'okendo-reviews-widget.liquid'. For the Product Rating Summary, which displays the average star rating for a single product, create a snippet file named 'okendo-reviews-product-rating-summary.liquid'.

By following these steps, you'll have completed the initial setup for Okendo on your Shopify store. The next steps involve customizing and placing your widgets where you want them to appear, and utilizing the powerful features of Okendo to drive growth for your Shopify store. This process is a key part of our approach at First Pier to maximizing the benefits of Shopify for your e-commerce business.

The goal isn't just to integrate Okendo with Shopify, but to harness the full power of Okendo's capabilities to build stronger connections between consumers and your brand. Stay with us as we guide you through these next steps in the following sections.

Customizing Okendo on Shopify

Before we delve into customizing Okendo on Shopify, it's crucial to remember that simplicity is key. Okendo offers an extensive range of customization options for displaying your reviews and ratings. The goal here is to create a visually captivating store that enhances the customer experience, regardless of your technical expertise.

Designing and Customizing the Reviews Widgets

Okendo's review widget provides a substantial amount of flexibility for customization, allowing you to match the style and feel of your Shopify store seamlessly. This customization extends to the review display options, which can include star ratings, review counts, and customer photos or videos, enhancing the visual appeal of your store.

To start customizing your reviews widget, you'll need to navigate to the Okendo app on your Shopify admin panel. Here, you can control the look and feel of your review forms and widgets, adjusting the design to match your branding. You can change colors, fonts, and layouts, and even add your logo. You can also decide what kind of user-generated content (UGC) you want to display, such as customer photos and videos.

For more detailed instructions and inspiration on designing your reviews widget with Okendo, you can refer to Okendo's support articles or see how some of their customers use Okendo Reviews on their Inspiration page.

Including Okendo Widgets in Desired Locations Using Theme Tags

Once you've customized your review widgets, the next step is to decide where you want them to appear on your site. This is where Shopify's intuitive design tools come into play.

For instance, if you want the average product rating to display below the product title on each of your product pages, you can use a simple line of code in your product.liquid file:

{% render 'okendo-reviews-product-rating-summary', product: product %}

Typically, merchants place the Product Reviews Widget at the bottom of the product page template and add the Product Rating Summary just below the product titles on the product page template and the collection page template.

To include a widget, use the tag {% render 'snippet-file-name', product: product %} where 'snippet-file-name' is the name of the snippet file you want to include (without the .liquid suffix).

At First Pier, we understand that every Shopify store is unique and each business has its own specific needs. Our team of experts can help guide you through this process, ensuring that your Okendo Shopify integration truly enhances your brand and customer experience. We're here to help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Integrating Okendo with Other Platforms

Integrating Klaviyo with Okendo

Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing platform that helps businesses grow by making it easy to send personalized, targeted emails to customers. Integrating Klaviyo with Okendo can provide benefits such as sending review request emails directly from Klaviyo, sending review requests via Klaviyo SMS, and displaying all product reviews in Klaviyo emails.

The integration process is relatively straightforward. You start by creating a private API Key in Klaviyo, then enable the integration in Okendo settings. The next step is to copy the public and private API Keys into the respective fields in Klaviyo. This seamless integration ensures that you can maximize the benefits of both Okendo and Klaviyo without any hassle.

Moreover, you can use Okendo data to create segments in Klaviyo, create a post-review follow-up Klaviyo flow, and even send a coupon via Klaviyo. These features make it easier for you to target your customers more effectively and boost your conversion rates.

Integrating Attentive with Okendo

Attentive is a leader in conversational commerce, offering an SMS-first software platform that helps businesses to strengthen relationships with their consumers. By integrating Attentive with Okendo, businesses can drive billions in e-commerce revenue and deliver powerful commerce experiences.

Just like with Klaviyo, integrating Attentive with Okendo is straightforward, involving creating an API Key, enabling the integration in Okendo settings, and copying the API Keys into the respective fields in Attentive. This integration allows you to further leverage the power of customer reviews and user-generated content to drive sales and boost customer loyalty.

At First Pier, we understand that integrating Okendo with other platforms like Klaviyo and Attentive might seem complex, but we assure you that it's a rewarding process. We're here to help guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you can maximize the benefits of the Okendo Shopify integration and other integrations to grow your business.

Maximizing the Benefits of Okendo Shopify Integration

Now that we've successfully completed the Okendo Shopify integration, it's time to fully maximize its benefits. Okendo not only collects and showcases customer reviews but also provides valuable customer data that can be used for creating segments in your email marketing software like Klaviyo. This information can help you in personalizing your marketing efforts, thereby increasing customer engagement and sales.

Using Okendo Data to Create Segments in Klaviyo

One of the biggest advantages of Okendo is the rich customer data it provides. This data can be used to create highly targeted segments in Klaviyo. For instance, you can create a segment of customers who gave your product a five-star rating, or a segment of customers who mentioned a specific feature in their review.

To do this, you'll need to integrate Klaviyo with Okendo first. This is a simple process of creating a private API Key, enabling the integration in Okendo settings, and copying the public and private API Keys into the respective fields in Klaviyo (source: First Pier).

Once you've integrated Klaviyo with Okendo, you can use the data from Okendo to create segments in Klaviyo. This allows you to send highly personalized emails to your customers, enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales.

Creating a Post-Review Follow-Up Klaviyo Flow

Another way to maximize the benefits of Okendo Shopify integration is by creating a post-review follow-up flow in Klaviyo. This is a series of automated emails that get sent to customers after they leave a review.

This post-review follow-up can serve multiple purposes. It can be a simple thank you email showing your appreciation for their feedback. It can also include a coupon code as a token of gratitude, which can encourage repeat purchases.

Furthermore, if a customer left a negative review, you can address their concerns directly and turn a negative experience into a positive one. This kind of proactive customer service can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sending a Coupon via Klaviyo

Lastly, you can send a coupon to your customers via Klaviyo. This can be done as part of the post-review follow-up flow or as a separate campaign.

Sending a coupon not only incentivizes customers to make another purchase but also makes them feel valued. It shows that you appreciate their feedback and are willing to reward them for it. Moreover, it encourages customers to leave more reviews in the future, thereby generating more user-generated content for your Shopify store.

By using Okendo data to create segments in Klaviyo, creating a post-review follow-up flow, and sending a coupon via Klaviyo, we at First Pier believe that you can fully maximize the benefits of the Okendo Shopify integration. With these strategies, you can enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and ultimately drive growth for your e-commerce business.


Recap of the Steps to Integrate Okendo with Shopify

We've navigated through the relatively straightforward process of Okendo Shopify integration. The initial step was to install the Okendo Reviews App on Shopify, followed by enabling the Okendo App Embed within the Shopify admin panel. After this, we embarked on creating the necessary snippet files for the Reviews Widget and the Rating Summary.

We then moved onto customizing the appearance of the Okendo widgets to match your Shopify store's aesthetic. This involved using Okendo's customization options to define the design of the widgets and using theme tags to place them in your desired locations.

We also discussed the importance of integrating Okendo with other platforms like Klaviyo and Attentive, and how to do so. This seamless integration ensures that you can maximize the benefits of both Okendo and these platforms without any hassle.

Lastly, we explored some strategies to maximize the benefits of Okendo Shopify integration, such as using Okendo data to create segments in Klaviyo, setting up a post-review follow-up flow, and sending a coupon via Klaviyo.

The Impact of Okendo Shopify Integration on E-commerce Businesses

The impact of Okendo Shopify integration on e-commerce businesses cannot be overstated. Okendo's unique ability to cultivate brand advocacy, provide high-impact social proof, and offer seamless integration with various platforms is invaluable in today's digital marketplace.

By integrating Okendo with Shopify, businesses can leverage Okendo's platform to collect insightful customer data and fuel personalized customer experiences. This can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, increase sales, and encourage repeat purchases.

Moreover, with the additional integrations with platforms like Klaviyo and Attentive, businesses can streamline their workflows, unify their tech stack, and elevate the customer experience. This integration also opens the door to efficient inventory management, broader consumer reach, and enhanced operational efficiency.

In a nutshell, Okendo Shopify integration, as our expert Steve asserts, is a potent strategy for businesses seeking to build stronger connections with their consumers, cultivate brand advocacy, and maximize lifetime value. Its versatility and functionality make it a powerful tool in an e-commerce merchant's arsenal.

For more insights and strategies on Shopify and its myriad integrations, explore our resources here and here.

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