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Company Background

Becoming specializes in handcrafted, personalized jewelry made in Maine. Founder Tracey Graves infuses her jewelry with meaning, creating personal mementos that serve as reminders of special people and places. Becoming opened a shop and studio in Kennebunk and continued to grow its wholesale business. Today, Becoming offers multiple collections available online and at more than 100 retail locations across the country.

Our Work

A collage of webpages displayed on a screen shows various sections of a website featuring a woman modeling jewelry, product close-ups, a blog, and an online store interface.

Tracey came to us initially for a light brand refresh to help her better stand out in the marketplace. Over the years, our work has ranged from product and packaging design to art direction and web development. We set standards for typography and developed a muted, natural color palette to make the brand consistent and reflective of its values. In addition to an identity refresh, we helped redesign packaging so that the experience of opening a piece of jewelry from Becoming matched the experience of wearing one. We designed custom quotation cards to accompany each necklace with literary quotes curated by Tracey, who is an avid reader.

A person holds three items: a card with text, a black box with gold writing, and a circular token with a small illustration.

The library-card inspired packaging is now a distinct part of the Becoming brand and is a gift unto itself.

Several documents displayed in a grid layout with a uniform format, containing text fields for sender and recipient information, a subject line, and a signature.

In 2018, we migrated Becoming to Shopify to take the shop’s retail growth to the next level and make the website feel as premium as the jewelry. One of the biggest challenges was organizing a large number of products in overlapping categories to make them easily shoppable and able to be filtered by recipient, jewelry type, or collection. Since Becoming is very much focused on personalization, we also highlighted that more prominently on the site. In addition, we reimagined brand imagery to better capture Maine spaces, personal places, and moments.

A collection of stationary and packaging materials including envelopes, cards, tags, and stickers, all branded with the word "Becoming" on a wooden surface.
Person in blue jeans and a black top stands at a counter holding a small beige bag.
A quaint street with colorful storefronts, including a shop with "Becoming" and "OPEN" signs, and decorated with hanging flowers on a sunny day.
A woman with shoulder-length hair, wearing a white shirt and straw hat, stands with a knitted shawl draped over her shoulders.

The Takeaway

We have helped Becoming continue to lay its marketing foundation while growing its business, product lines, and offerings. Our partnership continues to collaborate on new visuals, ecommerce engagement, and communications strategy.