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Company Background

Versa Gripps is a family-owned business in Sorrento, Maine that has made a seriously strong impact on the world of working out—they’re the inventors of scientifically advanced weightlifting straps that are called to be the best in the industry by those who know it best (think: professional body-builders and competitive weight-lifters). Mike Parker invented Versa Gripps to address the most vulnerable part of weightlifting: your grip. All of their products are handcrafted by a skilled and devoted team on the coast of Maine.

Our Work

A person with tattooed arms and legs is lifting a barbell with red weight plates in a gym. The person is wearing a black shirt, gray shorts, and wrist straps.

Initially the Versa Gripps team came to us for a website, but it quickly became clear that there were a lot more opportunities to strengthen their business. They felt their site was behind the times. It was on less than optimal hosting—a little clunky while also a little sparse and lacked clear messaging. With so much potential behind their story, ongoing success, and inevitable growth, we recommended an update and expansion to their brand as well as ongoing marketing and support. Our goal was to make their site and brand stand above their competition as clearly as their product does.

As is often the case, with big change comes hesitation—especially with a brand made in house by family members in-house. It was important for us throughout our process to take the time needed to have good and honest conversations, which built trust and ensured everyone felt supported throughout the collaborative experience. 

We started where we often do: branding foundation. When they came to us, Versa Gripps had an established brand but not a full identity, or standardization in how they executed it. Their existing logo wasn't being used cohesively, and the overall brand experience didn't pack the same kind of punch that their products did. 

An image showing a logo for Versa Gripps on the left, featuring red and white text on a navy blue background. On the right, there are several business cards with the same logo and contact information.

We kicked off our refresh process by digging into their history, their product line, and the impact those products have on their loyal customers.We modernized their existing logo and developed a logo system that included thoughtful and strategic variations with their symbol, wordmark, tagline, “Made in the USA” messaging, and "Authentic Dealer" branding. With this, they now have the flexibility to vary their collateral while remaining cohesive and clear. We expanded this to include a set color palette and defined typographic standards as well as fresh patterns—all inspired by high performance, movement, speed, strength, and balance. 

Multiple white "Versa Gripps" logos and brand identifiers displayed on a gradient background with a color palette on the right featuring navy, blue, light gray, and red.

With a refreshed brand, it was time to turn our attention to a website redesign that would elevate the experience of shopping online.

We reimagined what the site could look like by honing in on what the Versa Gripps way of life was like—strong and active. Building a mobile-first experience, we found creative ways to simplify the customer experience, better organize product information, and implement the refreshed branding seamlessly. With the new branding we built out an experience that was modern, dynamic, and immersive. Where there was once a successful business with potential for more, just a few months later there is now a strong brand with a clear identity and a website that truly shines. 

With a refreshed brand and new site, Versa Gripps has been reinvigorated as a company, ready to continue on to new elevated heights.

A display of a website layout on various devices, including a desktop monitor, tablet, and two smartphones, showcasing responsive design for an online store.

The Takeaway

Through fast action and thorough process we were able to elevate and focus the Versa Gripps brand while successfully telling their story and enhancing their online shopping experience.

Versa Gripps