Statement Jewelry

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Company Background

Ravenstone sells unique jewelry, thoughtfully curated gifts, and natural wonders to statement-seeking customers, deepening their connection to the everyday magic around them. Ravenstone shares their creations and curated wonders both online and inside their crystal-filled brick-and-mortar shop in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Our Work

Two smartphones display a jewelry shopping website named Ravenstone, featuring earrings and a bracelet. The background shows the Ravenstone logo with a black raven silhouette and the company's name.

Reaching the limits of their robust Etsy shop, Ravenstone came to us looking to expand on their limited brand foundation and establish a retail and wholesale web presence.

Screenshot of Ravenstone website displayed on a desktop and mobile, featuring a woman smiling, product images, and a company logo with a raven. Gold bee jewelry is also shown in the background.

We started with a brand workshop that got to the bottom of Ravenstone’s brand attributes and target audience. We developed their tagline Everyday Magic, which anchored their brand identity in a feeling of delight and wonder. Our work included light refinements to their existing logo, building a versatile logo system, establishing a brand color palette, developing typography, and creating organic patterns of flower, petal, and leaf silhouettes that spoke to the brand’s dreamy, bold essence.

Website design mockup for "Ravenstone" showcasing sections labeled 'Shop', 'About', 'Contact', and 'Our Story' along with images of a store interior, two people, and products. Sage green color palette included.

Following the brand expansion, we designed a custom Shopify site that seamlessly integrates their updated visual branding with new lifestyle imagery. With the opening of their brick-and-mortar shop, Ravenstone’s product offerings increased significantly, so the new website required careful product organization, a focus on filtering, and strategic design choices that seamlessly guide the customer through multiple categories of products.

The Takeaway

The result of our work is not only an improved visual brand and new e-commerce site that better reflects the dreamy, one-of-a-kind experience of shopping at Ravenstone in-person, but the foundation for a multichannel wholesale expansion as well.