Sustainable Homewares

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Company Background

Helen Milan curates beautiful, functional, and earth-friendly goods for home and travel from small-batch makers and independent manufacturers. The store’s core collection is a zero-waste line of products, which aims to replace single-use plastics across all functions of the everyday household. At the core of Helen Milan’s philosophy is the idea that "a thing bought should be a thing kept."

Our Work

A website and two mobile screens with minimalistic design showing: left screen with white conical shapes and text, center and right screens displaying a product and navigation menu respectively.

After successfully launching and building their business, Helen Milan saw an opportunity to improve their e-commerce experience with an emphasis on mobile. They also sought to improve the stability of their platform to allow for easier connection with their shipping partners.

A beige wall displays a hook rack with a tote bag and greenery. Overlaying the image are screenshots of an online store featuring home goods with a minimalist design.

Using Helen Milan’s existing clean and minimalist brand standards, our team migrated their Woocommerce site to a Shopify-based site using a mobile-first philosophy. The new site features improved navigation, allowing the user to more easily find products within collections, as well as a more prominent blog placement. Expanding the site both in content and in its actual width allowed us to create a structure for content that in no way obstructs their current curation process.

A collage of mobile and desktop screens displaying the "Helen Milan" website, showcasing a blog, an "About Us" section, and product listings with images of bath and home products.‍

Following the migration, our work has focused on improving lead capture through welcome popups, collecting user reviews, and improving back-in-stock functionality.  

The Takeaway

We helped Helen Milan build a foundation for growth and will continue to support them in their next chapter with marketing strategy and tactics.

Helen Milan