Women's Boutique

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Company Background

Bliss offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience aimed at making women feel stylish, beautiful, and unique. Bliss has two brick and mortar fashion boutiques — one in Portland, Maine’s historic Old Port and the other in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire — as well as a thriving online store.

Our Work

We have been working with Bliss for almost 10 years now, beginning with the launch of their ecommerce store for which we did design, web development, ecommerce SEO, digital strategy, online marketing campaigns, and more. As a successful brick and mortar retailer, Bliss saw an opportunity to reach beyond their existing customer bases in Portland, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, by creating an online shopping experience accessible 24⁄7, nationwide. We helped them turn that vision into reality by taking the business from zero online sales and no online store to a dependable thriving new online channel for their business that continues to grow. We migrated Bliss’s site from Magento to Shopify, moving all products, accounts, and customer history over successfully and seamlessly.

We continue to work with Bliss on expanding their use of Google Shopping SEO and will be implementing Shopify’s Point of Sale in the coming year as part of a continued effort to deliver a unified customer experience at Bliss’s stores. As a small women’s boutique based in Maine, Bliss is now able to deliver their customer experience to tourist and seasonal customers wherever they are year-round, driving brand loyalty.

Over time, our relationship with Bliss has grown to include a full marketing and digital foundation, including a dynamic paid search strategy, a magnet for SEO, email campaigns, promotions, creative design and direction, shoppable Instagram, and more.

We would recommend First Pier to anyone looking to build or update a Shopify store. They made the transition to a new ecommerce system painless by ensuring our hands were held along the way, we were thoroughly trained, and none of the SEO-ranking keywords were lost.

The Takeaway

We helped Bliss make the jump from a brick and mortar business with two locations to a successful multi-channel women’s boutique with an online shop that now operates as a third location.